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PUBLIC OPINION SURVEY: Poles prosumer about investments in renewable energy sources

The percentage of Poles interested about investments in renewable energy sources is significantly higher among people familiar with the term “prosumer” (67%), and among people informed about the adoption of a law on renewable energy (53%). The desire to invest in the near term is not significantly associated with higher incomes (the biggest interest is in multifamily homes, but rapidly increase with the declared interest in politics). As many as 44% of Poles interested in politics definitely declare their willingness to invest in the backyard microinstallation of renewable energy sources.

The largest group of potential Polish prosumers are people between the ages of 18 to 49 years, with secondary education, families with incomes in excess of 2500 zł and living in the capital region, western and central eastern Poland. Residents of rural areas, but also large cities (over 200,000 inhabitants).

Renewable energy equipment, in which most Poles would invest are solar collectors - qualified for 40% of respondents. One in six respondents have invested in small wind turbines, heat pumps and photovoltaic panels (PV). The greatest increase of interest in relation to the research of 2013 - by 5 percentage points was in the case of photovoltaics.

Fig. 1. The device RES favored by the Poles, the results of TNS Poland on behalf of the IEO.

One-fourth of respondents who do not know the term "prosumer" and the law, it is difficult to say in what devices, if they had the opportunity, would like to invest. More often they pointed to investing in these types of installations, which make it possible to save heat than electricity.

The study aimed to analyze public opinion on the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in Poland, in the context of passed this year the Law on RES and a program to encourage the purchase of RES installations - Prosumer. Realized under the project "Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources OZERISE" co-financed by the LIFE + Programme and the National Fund in the framework of the project LIFE11 ENV / PL / 444 commissioned by the Institute for Renewable Energy by TNS Poland on 03.27.2015 - 01.04.2015 omnibus test method, of an interview face-to-face (CAPI).



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