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Implementation of the project

Implementation of the project – OZERISE – Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources

OZERISE project is aimed to practical help in the selection of small-scale renewable energy sources on farms and their groups / co-operatives energy.  In the 10 farms that were selected for the project, installed electricity meters.

Adjusting the internal electrical installations on the farms to measure (and future installation microinstallations RES)

In addition, on the farm were installed  monitoring devices of wind power and insolation.

Installation of meteorological measuring mast to assess local renewable energy resources on farm


Based on the measurements of power consumption and meteorological conditions, prepared web application (calculator), which allows to chose hybrid systems of all kinds of microinstallations of renewable energy sources taking into account the consumptions profiles of electricity and heat for production purposes and living for each of the farms. It is also designed an energy management system in prosument farm.

Currently, research in the project OZERISE are in the process of analysis and develop results. The results enable to determine the relationship between dynamic energy needs and possibilities of their coverage by microinstallation  of renewable sources, which can be used on a farm with certain profiles the energy needs, technical conditions and location. 


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