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Course description

Course description – hybrid microinstallation

Microinstallations integrator of renewable energy sources

First (free) training for installers 
the project OZERISE -
Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources 


The training is aimed primarily to installers, but also to companies, institutions interested in the integration of renewable energy sources in the “hybrids”. Hybrid micrinstallations of renewable energy sources (microinstallations composed of several kinds of RES) functioning in micro-grids with energy storage will become more and more popular, also in Poland.  Hybrid installations can primarily be important in agriculture, because farmers have significant and highly variable energy needs and often in the village power infrastructure is poorly developed.

From the research of Institute for Renewable Energy it appears that farmers much more often than others recipients complain of interruptions in the supply of electricity, which results not only in the deterioration of living conditions but also growing losses and deterioration in the quality of agricultural products and negatively affects the profitability of farms. 

Therefore, with a view to promoting best practice and promoting renewable energy sources in the form of prosumer and distributed energy, IEO together with partners (NMG, API Micon, ZP FEO) is implementing a project entitled “Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources” (acronym – OZERISE). The project is co-financed by EU funds under the Life+ program and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The project is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Effect of training:

The result will be the creation of the first, trained for specific needs of farms and recommended to farmers, groups of installers – microinstallations  and small RES integrators with extended expertise in hybrids systems. 


Duration: 1 day
Location: Warszawa, Olsztyn
Price: free
21.11.2014, 05.12.2014


Certified integrator of RES installations

On the basis of completed training, participants receive a certificate integrator of RES installations.


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