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NMG is a market leader and subject matter expert in supplying information management solutions and consultancy services for monitoring and management of energy and media for enterprises.

Our service offering enables companies to measure and control utilization of various types of media, including electrical energy, gas, water, pressured air, steam, etc. Our analytical and reporting solutions help our Customers to effectively forecast and manage the costs of energy and media in their enterprises. For industrial Customers, NMG systems are often deployed as Plant Information and Management solutions, and are deployed to monitor and manage entire production processes and their lifecycle.

NMG helps its Customers to better predict and better spend their energy budgets, at the same time transforming them into more environmental friendly companies.

Our company, founded in 2002, employs the team of subject matter experts and consultants in energy, media, process automation and management, as well as information technology. Our people’s customer focus, combined with deep multidisciplinary expertise have already generated the range of tangible business benefits to hundreds of NMG Customers in Poland and Europe.

NMG mission is to promote information solutions that enable our customers to be better at managing the energy consumption, managing their budgets, and their company processes. By doing so we help them to be more environmental aware and friendly.

NMG Sp. z o.o.   
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Institute for Renewable Energy
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