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Api Micon


The API MICON was established in 2003 and the primary domain of business services focuses in the field of automation, measurement and informatics. Since the beginning of its activity it leads anemometric measurements of wind energy potential necessary to assess the location of the wind farm projects, including as well:

  • sale, supply and installation of masts and equipment for meteorological measurements,
  • maintenance of masts and equipment,
  • verification of anemometers in a wind tunnel,
  • initial site assessment for the site.


During its activity, the company conducted wind assessments for 25 wind farm projects throughout the country.
In its practice, API Micon uses equipment for measurement of world famous brands like NRG, Willmers, Ammonit Thies. For the measurements, depending on customer requirements, the company uses tubular and lattice masts, of height from 40 m to 70 m.

Another specialty of the company is the data transmission. It includes both data traffic and voice over TCP / IP (VoIP). Computing systems built by API Micon allow to integrate a number of services required in today's work, regardless of geographic location of terminal endings. These services consist of databases, digital control panels VoIP, group management systems.

The core team of the company has with higher education in a field of electronic and information technology. The company cooperate with researchers from the Technical University of Rzeszów and the Technical University of Lublin.



Contact person:

Waldemar Harłacz

Tel: 510 155 324

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