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III Stage – Results of the project

Development a calculator of renewable energy sources selection

As part of activities it was developed a simple calculator of renewable energy sources selection. Calculator is a tool for investors (farmers) designed to optimize the selection of renewable energy technologies for different types of farms. The calculator takes into account the possibility of selection / integration and comparison of various renewable energy technologies, taking into account a number of factors: characteristics of the location (plot size, type of building, its surroundings), number of inhabitants, tariff or energy consumption.

The results obtained after filling out a calculator can help you make key decisions in the later stages of the planning and implementation of investments in renewable energy and may provide a starting point for detailed analysis in terms of selection of technology and the power of micro-sources. Based on the answers investor receives preliminary assessment that the micro-installations of renewable energy sources are the most suitable from a technical and economic point of view and information on the possibility of financing investments.


Training for installers of small renewable energy sources

Installers participating in training can not only expand their practical knowledge, but also develop a unique offer for the farms. Training material has been developed based on analysis of data packets originating from the monitoring of energy consumption in households, as well as meteorological conditions. The material was also supplemented by the results of the calculation carried out by members calculator RES. In this way, installers obtain knowledge based on solutions applied in practice, they got to know the real problems with which they may come into contact during work.


Study tour to the Federal Republic of Germany

On 9-11 December 2014 the Institute for Renewable Energy, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Berlin and with the support of project “OZERISE - Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources” organized a study tour to Federal Republic of Germany, which was attended by, among others, farmers involved in the project OZERISE. The aim of the study visit was to exchange experiences of Polish - German relations in the implementation of renewable energy sources (RES) in rural areas, as well as practical knowledge about the functioning of prosumer energy, dispersed, municipal and cooperative energy, both in terms of concrete benefits of renewable energy technologies, such as and aspects of the application of different regulatory instruments, cooperation with local governments and cooperation with distribution networks.


The organization of VIII Prosumer Energy Forum

As part of activities was organized VIII prosumer Energy Forum, on which was invited, among others, participants of OZERISE project - Renewable energy sources on farms and mikrosieciach. The two-day forum program has been divided into 4 sessions of merit and two discussion panels. On the first day participants learned about issues prosumer energy market from the perspective of customers and users of micro-installations as well as technology providers. During the second day of the meeting, was presented the analysis of energy consumption prepared on the basis of measurements conducted at selected farms. During the forum, participants were able to get answers to their questions (return on investment and the future of renewable energy in the context of the law of RES).


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