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II Stage – Monitoring

Monitoring of energy consumption

As a part of the project it was installed comprehensive energy monitoring system that ensures the acquisition of detailed information on the actual size and characteristics of the energy consumption of individual loads / devices on the farm. The monitoring system was installed in 10 farms.

Installation ofelectricity meters


Monitoring ofweather conditions

Meteorological data from 10 selected farms will allow rational planning and subsequent management of energy economy by farmers. Proper location of RES installations within the holding and the selection of appropriate technologies will have the greatest impact on their economic viability (productivity). RES micro-sources are particularly sensitive to changing weather conditions and variable energy needs of farms.

Meteorological data: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, insolation and atmospheric pressure are collected high temporal resolution. The measurement is carried out on a mast height of 30 m, which corresponds to typical operating conditions micro-sources RES (especially small wind turbines and solar collectors or photovoltaics).


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