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Actions and means involved

The actions in the Project will be coordinated by the independent Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO), which is de facto „private non for profit”. In a timeframe of 10 years of the Institute’s operation on the market, the whole gains have been assigned to a statutory objectives related to implementation of public long-term targets). IEO will cooperate with two innovative companies (NMG and API Micon) from the SME sector, which possess unique technical competences in frame of monitoring and management of energy and public organisation of employers of RES producers and installers, called Renewable Energy Forum and gathering SME. The consortium will be supported by public stakeholders representing i.a. Energy Regulatory Office and public agricultural advisory system.

Proposed work packages will be realised in the following groups:

  • Preparatory Phase: preparation of outlines for monitoring system of energy consumption on farms and meteorological conditions as well as outlines for advisory system which will include tools for planning and management: RES calculators for farmers, RES simulation programs for installers, visualisation of monitoring results, energy management system for single farm and farm clusters in frame of the micro-grid concept. This phase ought to provide the compatibility and complexity of proposed integrated solutions for decision support processes.
  • Monitoring, processing and analysis of data: The monitoring system, adjusted to the selected farm types, will provide meteorological data and RES exploitation data, which are essential for planning RES installations, forecasting their productivity as well as generated energy management. Lack of verified data adopted to the farmers and installers needs obstruct rational planning and further energy management and co-operation by farmers.
  • Elaboration and verification of tools for planning integrated RES installations and management of energy for farmers. Integrated package of prototypes (with different level of advancement) including calculators and simulation programs for planning RES in integrated systems and forecasting their productivity will cover RES with the highest potential of replication on farms and development by 2020. Particularly calculation and simulation tools will be elaborated for solar collectors, small wind turbines and micro-biogas plants. Prototype advisory system for farm energy management (useful also for maximising the RES implementation and better integration due to increase of local possibilities for balancing energy by its storage in frame of local balance groups and micro-grids) is dedicated for needs of single farm, but also with possibility to integrate the wider concept of smart grids. 
  • Elaboration and demonstration of information platform with the system of web-based tools for planning, forecasting and advising. The internet website will be equipped with user friendly and practical educational materials (films, case studies, guides, technical instructions) as well as enable the visualisation of monitoring of meteorological conditions and energy management on farms with possibility of adjustment the data to the needs of other (not monitored) farms. The website will let for a clear and multilevel access to data and tools for planning of RES systems integrated with micro-grids.


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