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Below are websites where you can find more information about the LIFE program, the European Commission and other programs co-financed by the LIFE Programme, thematically related to the project OZERISE – Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated in renewable energy sources

European Commission

LIFE Programme


Directorate-General for the Environment European Commission


LIFE Coop 2020 - LIFE Coop 2020: pilot for rural smart grids through optimisation of energy use and innovative renewable biomass sources. 

LIFE+ REWIND - Profitable small scale renewable energy systems in agrifood industry and rural areas: demonstration in the wine sector.

LIFE+ SmartPV – Smart net metering for promotion and cost-efficient grid-integration of PV technology in Cyprus.

LIFE-OPERE - Efficient Management of Energy Networks.

MORENERGY - MObile demonstration line for generation of Renewable ENERGY from micronised biomass.

LIFE-ENERGA Living Lab-PL - ENERGA Living Lab for the improvement of the energy end-use efficiency.

LIFE COGENERATION PL - Demo installation for electricity/heat COGENERATION with gasification of fuel based on municipal waste and sewage sludge.


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