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Farms in the project OZERISE

In the research phase of the project (as a result of multi-criteria analysis) 4 groups of farms with varied profile have been selected from commune: Kisielice, Świętajno, Rybno, Czerwińsk, Biała and Raciąż. Selected farms have a different profile of agricultural activity:

  • cattle breeding, combined with the cultivation of cereals (Świętajno)
  • pig farming, combined with the cultivation of cereals (Kisielice, Rybno)
  • Orchard with field crops (Raciąż, Czerwińsk)
  • organic production of flour (Rybno)
  • organic production and corn drying (Biała)

In the selected farms have been installed electricity and heat counters (which monitoring on-line energy consumption) and equipment to monitoring meteorological conditions.  

In the following map you can find selected farms.

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